A Movement of Discipleship

Get Rooted is a discipleship movement that empowers the local church to develop believers in their community through small groups. This was developed as a response to completing many outreaches and not having the follow up tools to build the bridge after events. This is a movement that was birthed through several years prayer, study, and consultation. It is a movement of discipleship.


Get Rooted consists of 7 Roots that we consider to be basic biblical principles + teachings to help a believer groW


Being a Christian isn’t a one time decision

It’s a lifelong experience growing with God. Get Rooted has been created for believers across the world to grow stronger in their faith, while doing life hand in hand with other believers in the context of community. It is not just a resource or a tool; it’s a movement of believers growing together, committed to radical faith in Jesus and contagious love for one another. Get Rooted isn't a program to be completed and then put on a shelf as an accomplishment. We pray it is used as a foundation in which we continually grow and develop in our everyday lives.

Get Rooted content provides practical tools for both new and mature believers

...to better understand some of the fundamental elements of following Jesus. Much of what Get Rooted is and does is based upon the training of leaders. The Get Rooted manual and other related content on this site is useful to supplement actual person-to-person in interaction. Our aim is to inspire people to live the way that Jesus lived: life-on-life within his circle of influence. He used the scriptures, illustrations from our world, and stories to point the disciples to the greatest realities: loving God and loving people.

Greatness is the ability to see potential in others, call it out, and give them space to change the world.
— Jerome Vierling, Soundsgood Executive Director

Get Rooted works directly with the local leadership of churches and small groups

...weeks in advance to launch the Get Rooted Movement. We help plant the initial launch for an organization, complete with customization of manuals, graphics, leadership training, technical support, and implementation. We hold concerts and various forms of outreach to market and recruit for each new Get Rooted launch.


For more info on Get Rooted and how to get involved visit: Soundsgood Ministries