A way to describe Christianity may be Christology, or, the study of Jesus. Jesus, a person, lived in our world with a lineage, an immediate family, a community of friends, a following. Because he is an actual human being with feelings, emotions, concerns, and desires, he enjoys the aspects of a relationship, such as conversation, quality time, etc. And so the point of Christianity is really to say that God in Jesus can be known.

We can know God. This is both beautiful and exciting.

There is no end to “understanding” or “discovering” Jesus. However, what makes this knowing of God so frustrating is that he sometimes seems so hard to find. It’s like we find glimpses of Jesus in our friends, in our co-workers, at the grocery store, in nature. We notice him in our day-to-day lives. But even this doesn’t feel like enough. It’s too open ended, too loose, too unfocused, and blurry.

Jesus chose to simplify our search for Him, our search to understand His nature, by giving us His written, inspired Word. The Bible.

It’s true that there’s much to be discovered and understood about God outside of pages and ink, however the clearest, most sincere, and consolidated testimony of Jesus to ever be recorded is found in the Bible: 66 books of pure goodness, dripping with the knowledge of God, written and put together at the expense of countless lives over the course of centuries. No book has withstood more scrutiny. No book has saved more lives. No book has reached more people. No book encapsulates the heart of Jesus like the Bible. It is the best (and only) option available.

The question shouldn’t be whether you need the Bible, but rather what you would do without it?

Jesus himself, prescribes this book as the way to get insight and wisdom for life. If there were a better tool, a better method, a more viable avenue, Jesus would have said so. He goes so far as to say that He IS the Word spoken, He IS the Word written, and that He IS the Word in Person. What a relief?! Jesus, the most trustworthy and reliable man EVER endorses the Bible with himself. This is a big deal. He gave himself as a seal of approval to say that the truth which sets us free is found in Him alone and in order to find him, we get to use his Word.

It’s like Jesus is saying, ‘I give you my Word, that my Word is my Word.’

The Bible is the authority for what Christians believe, because Jesus said so. He is, by nature, a leader. He is the most qualified to guide us because He knows us. The commands and directives we see exist to show us the best path to greatness.

The Bible is full of wonder.

There’s an epic saga playing out from beginning to end, using genre, chronology, and various authors. It uses tenses and hyperboles, history and dreams to illustrate the most relevant drama in human history. The Bible is both complex and simple. While it is a narrative about millions, if not billions of people, it’s a book all about One. While it seems to center in on a single country or region, it concerns the entire globe. The Bible should be used as a tool for study, meditation, and conversation with and about the most important Person to ever live.

It’s what brings us all together. Nothing has united billions of people throughout human history like God’s Word. The truth we find in the Bible is setting people free right now. Today, you have access to the most powerful book in print. You can know God.

A Case for the Bible:

If Jesus is who he says he is (God), shouldn’t we listen to him? How do we hear him? What is he saying? What does his word mean for us today? The life, death, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus has real significance and meaning to our lives.

We hope that Get Rooted becomes a tool for you to practically understand and apply the "truth" Jesus talks about in the Bible. We hope that Get Rooted becomes an on-going 'Case for the Bible’ that leads you to life-altering freedom.